I am a multi disciplinarian artist, born near Lyon in 1978. After having worked about 10 years in interior design, architecture and graphics, I decided to change my professional life and dedicate it entirely to my artistic work. My wife and I, together with our two daughters, decided to sell our house and moved looking for a village close to nature to settle and open an art workshop. Today we live in Mirepoix, in the south of France, where I work full-time on my artistic creations comprising sculptures, paintings and drawings.

I show my artworks on national and international, collective or individual shows, in places like Toulouse , Paris, Albi, Carcassonne, Barcelona…


My artistic work focuses on the creation of artworks that represent the connection between the human being and nature. It’s combining plant like and organic forms that I propose a representation of the symbiosis of humans and their environment. This work on forms, colours, textures and light, allows a warm, caring and personal interpretation.

Through my work I show that we have to stay connected with nature to remember that we are a tiny part of it. With my own particular style, I propose creations that sway between figurative, patterns, abstract and naïf style. I hope to transmit, through my artwork, joy of life, conviviality, benevolence and inspiration.


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